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Get our stunning Carlos Cantinaro watch design with metallic strap. A perfect gift this Christmas.


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Striking Italian designs. A minimalist look and feel with a touch of luxury. 

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Carlo Cantinaro

316 Stainless steel with genuine leather and a stainless steel buckle. Perfect as any gift.

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Carlos Cantinaro

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Wheeler, I received my Cantinaro watch as promised, and was quite impressed! Had a jeweler size the band properly, and have hardly taken it off since! A high quality time piece, that is functional and stylish. Just what I need for flying across the world in the new fancy jet! All the best!


I just recieved the watch. I am very pleased with it. I appreciate your time and attention, in ensuring a seamless shopping experience for me. Your personal touch at every step of the process, enhanced my experience purchasing this watch. I will enjoy it that much more.Thank you and the very best to you,

Malcolm John

became interested in nice watches and 24 hour/GMT/Zulu time a while ago. I like Omega watches, but also like other unique timepieces that show GMT time and multiple time zones. My daughter is studying abroad in Paris this semester so that helped me get into it, too. As an IT guy, some reports also come to me in GMT time.

John Doe